1. Can a payment be cancelled?

Amazonas may have to cancel a scheduled activity in the following cases:

  1. Events beyond our control (for example, sickness of the activity facilitator, cancelation by the venue where the activity takes place or other reasons). In this case, Amazonas will proceed to reimburse the total amount paid by the user.

  2. When the number of participants is not enough to cover the costs, Amazonas will reimburse the total amount paid by the user.

The user can claim reimbursement of the payment made for an activity in the following case:

  1. Events beyond their control. Proof of these events must be sent to info@ocioamazonas.com , as well as the name and email of the person that made the payment and the name and date of the activity. In case of a reimbursement, Amazonas will deduct the processing costs generated by this operation. No claims may be made in this regard.

2. Is the confirmation email necessary to participate in the activity?

It is advisable to bring a printout of the reservation as proof of payment. Otherwise, you can quote the reservation number which appears in the confirmation email. If you have neither of these, we will do our best to locate the user details. However, Amazonas retains the right to refuse admission in the absence of the aforementioned documents.

3. What payment methods can I use?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal, a secure payment platform.

4. I cannot pay through the website, what can I do?

Contact us here and we will find and will find an alternative solution.

5. When is my bank account charged with the payment?

The amount will be charged to your account once the payment process is completed

6. Will I get a receipt?

Yes. Once the purchase is completed you will receive a confirmation at the email address you have given us.

7. How can I give feedback about an activity?

Your feedback is more than welcome! Once you have enjoyed the activity, you can let us know how it went.

Your opinion is very helpful for us and for other people looking for quality activities. You can give us your feedback through Facebook or Twitter.