What are we?

Amazonas is a Spanish company that offers cultural leisure activities in Spanish, French and English in Madrid. For adults and children alike.

The best way to meet people, learn, practice language and discover new cultures.

All our activities are led by professionals.

We are offering activities relating to Spanish, French and English-speaking culture, carried out in one of these three languages to people who seek leisure and quality and want to spend a good time.


Amazonas’ 6 goals


Have access to special and often exclusive activities.


Dive deeper into English, French or Spanish cultures with leisure activities.


Practice languages in a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere.


Learn while having a good time.


Meet people with similar interests.


Participate in group activities.

Who are our activities for?

In general, for anybody interested in the combination of culture and leisure!

In particular, we are focussing on people who are:

  • Interested in painting, photography, music, gastronomy and wines..
  • English or French-speakers who are looking for activities in their own language.
  • Foreign students learning Spanish who want to know more about our culture..
  • English or French learners..
  • Parents looking for fun cultural activities for their children.
  • Parents looking for activities for their children in which they can practice English or French..

What kind of activities does Amazonas – leisure + language + culture offer?
Workshops, conferences, lectures, winetastings, guided toursCulture & Food acitivities

If you would like more details about our offer, read on.


What a curious name…

Why the name Amazonas?

Amazonas is a name that has always fascinated me” says Francesca, “since I was a child I would fantasize about that enormous tropical rainforest with an opera house right in the middle of it – a crazy project carried out in the midst of the rubber-trade boom. Also, the Amazons were a lineage of women warriors of Ancient Greece. When the Spanish conqueror Orellana was descending the Brazilian river for the first time, he thought he had come across this mythical group of women. I’ve known for a long time that I would use that name”.

The first occasion came in 2004 with the founding of the audio-visual production company Amazonas Teatro. Years later came Amazonas – leisure + language + culture. “The name is very evocative without being restricted to one concrete thing. This is very appropriate for a concept aimed at both adults and children”.

And of course, it has nothing to do with the online-sales giant!