Who is behind Amazonas | leisure + language + culture?

Francesca Galimberti Prince is Italian-Dominican and was born in Madrid. She holds a BA in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris and is a French teacher. She is passionate about culture and languages and founded Amazonas – leisure + language + culture to bring together people interested with similar interests.

Who leads the activities?

This is one of the strengths of Amazonas – leisure + language + culture: we keep clear of amateurism and only work with specialists in each of the topics we focus on.

Under Collaborators, you can read about our team of professionals, their broad experience and the great passion they invest in their work.

We have taken great care to choose professionals with extensive experience in the topic they are in charge of: art historians, oenologists, well-known chefs, school teachers, professional actors…

What about you? Would you like to collaborate with us? Contact us, suggest an activity and discuss it with us.

Our Colaborators

He taught Economics until the onset of the economic crisis, when he found himself outside the academic world and had to redirect his life. There were three options: staying at home and claiming unemployment benefit for two years, finding a new job or setting up something himself. Benjamín chose the latter and towards the end of 2012 he opened his online shop for premium teas. From the very beginning he felt he wanted to share his passion for tea, so he trained as a Tea Sommelier with the prestigious Victoria Bisogno in Madrid and L’École du Thé in Paris and started to organize regular TEA TASTINGS. The birth of La Escuela de Té (The Tea School) turned his business into a perfect communion of his two passions: tea and teaching.

Óscar Blázquez Fernández


BA in History from the Autonomous University of Madrid, committed to practising his life-long vocation: archaeology. He has wide technical and teaching experience and is a specially gifted communicator.
From the early days of his career, almost 20 years ago, he has directed and participated in a large number of archaeological excavations. He is also the author of different professional publications. He has been Chairman of the Madrid Association of Archaeologists. He is currently directing the ISAT project, Association for the dissemination and study of the Mediterranean Heritage of which he is a Founding Member and President.
Óscar thinks we need to do away with the deeply entrenched clichés about our past, given that our present is much more advanced and sophisticated. During the Museum & Menu historical banquet, he will entertain us with surprising everyday facts about our ancestors.

Pablo R. Nogueras


He was born in Paris and lives in Madrid, where he studied Law and languages. After working as a copyright lawyer for some years, he moved to the United Kingdom. Since he moved back to Spain, he has worked as a translator. He is an avid reader since childhood and has written several books, amongst them, “Al Diablo con las Vacaciones” (To Hell with Holidays). He has distilled his love for literature, art and Madrid in a tour of the city in which he intersperses anecdotes about language and art with delicious bites at the most emblematic taverns in the centre of town.

Enrique Ortueta Bouso


Enrique has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of gastronomy, working in different restaurants and giving cookery classes. He has worked, amongst others, in Café Tabares, and Ars Vivendi, an Italian signature-cuisine restaurant. He has his own catering business (El Chef en Casa – The Chef at Home) and he collaborates with similar projects, such as Cocineros a Medida (Cooks to Measure). At Amazonas he is in charge of the cookery and tapas workshops.

Jesús Manuel Morón


He has worked for 13 years organizing events and as a tourist guide. He holds a degree in History and Art History and he is passionate about historic and artistic heritage. In his own words, “I consider myself to be a good speaker and the old city of Madrid is my main academic interest. I am a bookworm and a regular visitor of the city’s museums, either as a teacher, as a group guide or for my own enjoyment”.

Cristina Tierno Conde


Cristina Tierno Conde is the Director of Agencia Efecto Directo (Direct Effect Agency).
She holds a BA Honours in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management and MBA in Business Administration. She also holds a Master in Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing.
She is a wine specialist and an official trainer for Port wines with the IVDP, authorized trainer for Jerez Wines with the CRDO and for Cavas with the Institut del Cava y Champagnes. Besides all this, she is also invited as a member of wine-tasting juries for competitions and collaborates with specialized guides and magazines.

Chema Rodríguez Calderón


Chema was born in Madrid and has worked in over 50 theatre productions, out of which he wrote 15 and directed 20. As an actor he has worked in film, theatre and television. His plays have been staged in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. He codirects Martelache theatre company, with his partner Marta Ochando, producing shows for both adults and children. In Amazonas he is in charge of most of the children’s activities.

Raquel Sáez García


BA in Fine Arts, major in Painting Restoration, Master in Preventive Conservation. She collaborates with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum as a restorer, conservator and official guide. She is in charge of the Preventive Conservation of the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection and of the temporary exhibitions coming to the museum.
During her career he has also collaborated with institutions such as Arte Lab, Canal Isabel II, British Museum, Arts Exclusive.

Francesca Galimberti Prince


She holds a BA degree from la Sorbonne (Paris), and has over 15 years’ experience in teaching. I teach one-to-one and in companies and I always design my classes according to the needs, motivation and availability of my students. We use text books and supplement them with articles, films, videos, songs, audios or games. We aim to learn the language, dive into French culture… and have a good time!

Ana Lahiguera Mena


Oenologist and sommelier. Wine Set Education Trust (WSET) Level 3. She has taught in various sommelier courses. Authorized trainer for Vinos de Jerez and D.O. Cava. She is a member of the Technical Committee for D.O. Vinos de Madrid and member of the Madrid Association of Sommeliers.

Tatiana Eman


Teacher, translator, guide, manager of “Doña Lengua Idiomas”. Languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian and German.
In her own words: “I love what I do and I follow the example of my great-grandmother, who was a primary-school teacher, my grandmother – German teacher, and my mother – Spanish Literature teacher.
I like adventure and I have trained in many different fields: Political Science and Diplomacy, Linguistics applied to language teaching, Finance and Translation.